UnJerseyBride.com Launch Party

Not to long ago, The Documentist was invited to and attended the “Un-Jersey Bride” launch party in South River, NJ. Feuza Reis is the creator of the new wedding blog www.unjerserybride.com that is aimed at assisting brides, grooms and wedding vendors with wedding information that is not necessarily typical of a New Jersey wedding. That is the short version and simple version of Feuza and the wedding blog; however Feuza is anything besides short and simple.

The longer version: Feuza (owner of Feuza Inc) is a hardworking, talented, resourceful, caring, fun, wedding photographer, wedding cinematographer, blogger, businesswoman, mother, wife and more. I asked her how she came up with the concept of http://www.unjerserybride.com and she told me that there was a need. This makes her a leader. She has created a place where brides can seek unique venues in New Jersey and also find ideas from local vendors that may offer different products, etc… I think it’s a great idea. Now brides in Jersey don’t necessarily have to rely on blogs that are based in California to find inspiration. They can look locally and find things that are more directly related to them.

The party was like Feuza. It was fun, social, and entertaining. I enjoyed meeting new people in the community and catching up with some friends and colleagues that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Some of New Jersey’s photography heavy hitters were in attendance like Vanessa Joy, Niño Gallego, Ahmet Ze and Michael Ramos. Event planner Christine Hyder of Christine Hyder Events LLC was also in attendance so you know this was the place to be. No Limit Events LLC, the event planners of the Un-Jersey Bride launch party,  had everything running soothly at the 2 Chicks with Chocolate store. There was chocolate of course, wine was poured, and cupcakes served by Blue Sheep Bake Shop. Hard to go wrong with that combination.

Love Me {I} Do Photography seemed to be the officially photographers covering the event. I mean you never can be 100% certain when you are in a room full of photographers with cameras, right? I had my camera with me and managed to take some photos between bites of chocolate and cupcakes.

Be sure to check out unjerseybride.com for cool wedding things happening in New Jersey.



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One Response to UnJerseyBride.com Launch Party

  1. Gabriela says:

    Awesome capture! 🙂 Feuza is a delight both personally and professionally. Fabulous meeting many of you!! ~Gabriela & Justin, No Limit Events

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